Wednesday, October 26, 2011

#ROW80 #TrickorTreat for #Ebooks And More

Beep. My resting HR right now is 102. I know, I know. I'm a jittery mess. Why? Because like an idiot, I drank coffee after 5 PM. At 7 PM. From Starbucks. A whole grande that was more coffee than pumpkin spice latte like it was supposed to be. And that was my second cup of the day when I'm only allowed half of a cup a day (Not doctor's orders or anything, but my own. Caffeine and I do NOT get along. Jitters and UTIs. Pretty much all not fun). And before you fuss at me about my heart rate, I've been meaning to get that checked out. Honest. But we moved, and I published a book, and I need to get my car an oil change. I mean sheesh, why do you think I WEAR a watch with HR monitor on it all day? A rousing conversation gets me into the 120s-130s. Walking? BAM I'm near my max HR for cardio.

Like I said, I'm going to get that checked out, but we still have to transfer over Tricare.

So it's 3 AM at my house and I'm killing my #ROW80 posting because I know I'm not going to be up early in the morning. Thank goodness the hubby is still home, and after he slept in yesterday until 11, I think this Mom deserves a sleep in.

Heart rate and coffee insomnia aside, I have very exciting news.

1- I am not checking my sales everyday anymore. This has cut down on my stress as a writer considerably. YAY!

2- I finally realized why I've been dragging my feet and dragging my feet on PAST DUE. It's getting the back burner. I know. It's sad. But it might get a few stirs and spices sprinkled in while it simmers. I'm seriously thinking about making it a short story to practice. Here's the problem with PAST DUE, as I explained to my Muse handler, my mother in law. It lacks conflict. Oh Jill makes some bad decisions. She has bad things happen to her. But it's too much of this happens so Jill does this and then this happens and Jill does that. There isn't a real dilemma, meaning Jill is never between a rock and a hard place and must do something about it. The WIP has great characters and promise. I just don't have a true dilemma for her other than getting out of debt, but that's a little broad, and she has no ending! I can't slap one on there, so until she figures out what her story is, I'm not going to beat myself up about writing it or not writing it.

So what does this mean? Well fans of CANCELLED will be happy. It means the sequel to CANCELLED is up next instead of starting it next summer. And according to the parish at the Redemption Baptist Church in Devine, TX, I'm to perform a miracle and somehow finish it yesterday. :) Johnathan is now getting three books all to his lonesome self: CANCELLED, SERVED, and APPROVED (maybe POSITIVE). The outline for SERVED just fell, plop, into my lap today minus subplots, but those will come. And pieces of the third are there.

3- My first ever promotion Trick or Treat for Ebooks is going fantastically! I politely asked the people at Authors on the Cheap on Facebook if they wanted to share the promotion (by politely, I did not just blare it on their wall. I used the Contact Us form at If you have a book published and aren't using this resource, you should. Read the NOTE on the Authors on the Cheap Facebook page for how to format and share you Nook and Kindle links with them once per day for one book. They use this pool to fill many walls on Facebook tailored for specific Nook reads and have blogs for Nook and Kindle users.

When the link was shared last night, within one hour everyone's link click numbers doubled! And the best part? People are saying it's fun, it's different, and will there be one next year. I couldn't have asked for a better response than that, but I'll also take the 150+ new eyeballs that clicked and saw my book information and the 5 people who have bought a copy in the last 48 hours. And this is only Day 3 of 7!

Finally, one big shout out to my author friends part of a massive, 36 author $.99 sale to celebrate Melissa Foster's new book, COME BACK TO ME, Nov. 1 through the 3rd. Melissa Foster is an AMAZING author who reaches out to every single author she meets, whether you have 10,000 Twitter followers or 100 followers. Many of us in #ROW80 know and respect her, and if you'd like to help out, please, come November 1 we need tweets directing readers to

Don't forget to visit my other friends working on their goals the A Round of Words in 80 Days (#ROW80). Leave some comment love please.


  1. Great news on all the writing achievements! Hope you manage to get the HR issue sorted soon - I'm sure all us row80er's will be keeping a check on you with that one! ;)

  2. Lots of good news! Except for your HR ... go check it out and let's us know it's nothing to worry about, so we won't worry about lol

  3. Elizabeth,

    Terrific post - and great job on the ROW80 front! I'll be featuring a link-back to your $.99 ebook promotion on Sunday as I admire you for taking something like that on. (I've just been posting for a week or so that I'd like to get a 12 Days of Christmas Reading Gift List 'event' of some sort your promotion struck a chord with me)

    I'd love your input/feedback/experience with the process!

  4. Elizabeth,

    Great news and loads of info. This is the first ROW I've visited today and you've already inspired me. The promotion pieces are a big help because that is tough to wade through and find anything that helps. I agree with Nadja that your feedback on the experience would be great. Good luck with Trick or Treat! ~Kate

  5. Wow. Sounds like your rocking it out. Great job. The HR issue is somewhat worrisome. Just make sure you take care of yourself, ok?

  6. Fantastic job! Be careful with the HR issue, take some you time.

  7. Great job, maybe find a way to relax while you get the hr sorted out. Best of luck for the week.

  8. Big hugs to everyone! See what no sleep does? Boy, what an over share. I promise I'm okay. We checked all the usual suspects before I left Charleston (blood tests all came back great). If I had a dollar every time my body went haywire, well, I'd be a wealthy woman. The next step is more invasive, time-consuming tests, and more exercise would be better for me too. I haven't been able to keep up my activity levels like I wanted. :)

    As far as the future promotions, thank for those who are sharing the links. You are my heroes. As far as thoughts and help, I will be glad to post about that and unveil more information about the It's going to be a great hub for authors, reviewers, readers, others in the publishing world to work together for the cost of sweat equity (promoting as group etc) rather than throw money at advertising without a real focus.

  9. Great job this week. I can't have too much coffee either (it makes me jittery) so I totally know how you feel!

  10. Great progress and I hope everything is OK. xxx

  11. You have to go where inspiration takes you. When I have a plot that's slow to develop, I add it to my pondering list. Like when I'm doing dishes, or folding laundry, I ponder things. And it's a great way to set aside the feeling that "I have to do this," and let your brain just do it. My brain is always looking for solutions, but sometimes I stand in the brain's way. :)