Saturday, April 9, 2011

Day 8 Self-Published Royalties Schedule

Pouring over the Terms and Conditions of Amazon's CreateSpace and Kindle Digital Platform, I added buying an ISBN to my budget. I will have to post my budget here, probably as a page. So far, I know I'm going to pay $39 to go Pro, probably  pay $149 to be listed in PW Select, and probably a pack of 10 ISBNs (since 1 is $125 and 10 is $250). 

While I have run a business for a few years now, I want to do more research on creating my own imprint. It seems like this will be easier in the long run, so each book can have ONE ISBN, rather than one free one on Amazon, one free one on Smashwords, and etc. 

This weekend I plan to write some more. I hope to be done with 10 chapters by Monday, maybe more. I have chapters and parts of chapters finished throughout the book (no, I'm not a pantser, but since I have an outline, I write scenes as I feel the need to write them). My fingers have recovered from my marathon sessions earlier this week, and on Thursday, I started working out at the YMCA. Last night, I took the kids swimming. With discipline in both writing and fitness, I will be a published author that looks fabulous to photograph.

"Imperfect Timing" arriving Fall 2011. Johnathan Michaels, a robotics engineer, jeopardizes his engagement with his business partner when a previous one-night stand surfaces, carrying his child.

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