Thursday, April 7, 2011

Day 7 Self-Published Novel Writing Extreme

Sleeping tiger...ready to ROAR!
Technically, Day 7 was yesterday, and I managed 1500 words. Roughly 47% of Chapter 5. In two days, I've clocked 5200 words. This brings me to 8 chapters written out of 24. That means I am a third of the way there! I keep pushing, because as Joe Konrath says, the longer an ebook sits off the market, the more money you lose. 

Every once in awhile the little voice in the back of my mind, Ms. Naysayer, says "This sucks. No one is going to want to read this." I show her the middle finger and smile, in true heavy metal fashion. I know people will like the story because *I* like the story. And, this is my first novel. It's always going to be one of my worst. But, as long as I keep pushing ahead, keep writing and publishing, I have complete control. Nothing says 5 years from now I can't revamp "Imperfect Timing" and re-release it as a second edition.

On the publishing side of things, I read all about starting a brand. I already had an idea about this. My stories are going to be what I call "trainwreck romance." The trainwreck is so spectacular, a reader can't help but rubberneck. Originally, I called it rubberneck romance for the alliteration, but my mom said that sounded gross. On third thought, I agreed with her. 

Mr. Dean Wesley Smith in his post titled Think Like a Publisher #6...Covers and Publisher Looks talks about what does it mean for your imprint's title to be recognized as part of a brand. There are many areas where continuity can be instilled, from font type, size, white space, logo, etc. It made my head spin a little, and added a bit of extra pressure on my first cover. Plus, I need an imprint name. 

In a horrible Mom moment, I'm thinking about honoring my kids, using their middle names:
Samantha James Books
S & J Books

I like the second one best, because there already is a Samantha James writing romance novels, and I wouldn't want any confusion. And I could use my tattoo idea (both my husband and I have compasses with a W for our last name) where I wanted to add two stars to mine with each kid's birthstone color. My oldest would be a ruby red and my youngest a pearl. That would be a very nice publishing graphic, I think. And, if my husband ever decided to publish, he could publish under the exact same imprint.

Well, today is shaping up to be a day off. We'll see. I have an appointment at the YMCA to meet with a trainer, and a few errands. 

"Imperfect Timing" arriving Fall 2011. Johnathan Michaels, a robotics engineer, jeopardizes his engagement with his business partner when a previous one-night stand surfaces, carrying his child.

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