The slew of resources for the self-published novel writer is slowly growing insane! For the most part, I see a regurgitation of the same old, same old advice. Occasionally, a rabbit hole I follow really blows my mind. I will share those here.

Writing Advice by Caro Clarke
I squealed when I read advice aimed at a writer like me: writing is something I do, not who I am. My name is Elizabeth Ann West, not super-sensitive-tortured-soul-who-bleeds-her-ink. Not saying there's anything wrong with people who identify with the second moniker, but forgive me if my eyes unconsciously roll when you spout off diatribe against the real world of marketing, writing a story that fed your soul, or whatever. Bottom line: this resource is great for the writer who cares about craft like a technician would, not as a lover would.


Talk about a one-stop shop for the aspiring self-published author! Joanna Penn is a woman I can aspire to become. A brilliant teacher on all things writing, marketing, and publishing, even the guest posts on this blog are insightful. In less than 15 minutes, I read countless tips and tricks I haven't seen elsewhere, such as timing your book press releases with "relatable" top news stories. I will be losing many, many hours to writing by reading through all of Ms. Penn's posts and links.