I Format Ebooks

I'm hanging out my shingle as an ebook formatter. After working on a number of files for friends, and accepting a position with Mark Williams international Direct Publishing to format ebooks, I decided to open up the door for other authors who are just stumped. I would love to also help writers of expired copyright fan fiction (such as Jane Austen) format their stories into ereader friendly files.

I make .epub, .mobi, .pdf. I do not make Smashwords files.

I need:

  1. A .doc or .odt file of your manuscript (your final, not one that still needs edits) 
  2. Your cover art (.jpg etc.). 

An eBook up to 20 chapters or 150 pages (whichever comes first) is $25. This includes .mobi, .epub, .PDF, and an .odt file you can edit for other listings.

An eBook with more than 20 chapters or 150 pages is $50. This includes .mobi, .epub, .PDF, and an .odt file you can edit for other listings.

I can add in links and format images in the file, no problem. I use three different tools to make the files, including Jutoh, Sigil, and Calibre. Any problems with the formatting, I go down to the HTML files and fix it.

For $150, I will teach you how to format your OWN ebooks using those software pieces above (Jutoh you can download for demo, but you will need to purchase a license for the software. The other software titles are free but do take donations). I will walk you through it via conference call, and that way you can format your own books forevermore.

Please email me at eawestwrites@gmail.com and I am happy to help you. I generally turn files around in 3-5 business days. Why am I so cheap? Because I'm building a client base and do this on the side. I am a writer myself, so I know how important it is to have a well formatted file. I enjoy the quiet, focused work it takes to manipulate the HTML. It's a few hours of my time, and I do not have overhead costs as I use the same software to format my own ebooks.


  1. Hello Elizabeth Ann,

    Was wondering if you have any testimonials posted on this site or other site (confess I don't do twitter or facebook)from satisfied customers. Have ab eight part movie script am converting into short novels of between 7,000 and 12,000 words. Would be sending you word files and have beautiful cover art to use also (husband is professional photographer). Look forward to hearing from you at forgivenbecauseofthecross@yahoo.com

    Blessings to you and yours,

    Jan Myers

  2. Hey Elizabeth Ann, I've sent you an email. Thanks