Friday, September 9, 2011

Where Did She Go??? TO Connecticut FROM South Carolina

PHEW!!!!! Today is September 9, 2011. My household was packed up on September 1 and I traveled 1200 miles with an 11-year-old and a 2-year-old, 600 miles of that with my mother in tow. She was in the car with us, and drove a little through New Jersey. I've learned I don't ride in my car very well with someone else driving. At all.

A few highlights? Getting on the NJ Turnpike my mother had to slow down to 25 mph to get off the exit. My 2-year-old daughter in the back seat yells "Go! Go! Go!" Sheesh, impatient much?

Yes, yes I am. This is a Navy move, meaning a company contracts with the Navy to move our goods. They are allowed a window of delivery dates to account for bad weather, etc. That's reasonable. My house was on the truck 9/2/2011, and the truck driver said he would see me sometime next week. No problems, kiddos and Grandma and I mosy on up, stay with friends in upstate NY for a day and make it to CT on Labor Day. The truck driver was supposed to call me that Monday to tell me the delivery date. He didn't. I called him. He said his dispatcher left early on Friday, so he was still in Charleston, SC and didn't know when he'd be able to get up to me! Two days later and as many more conversations, he tells me his dispatcher wants him to wait in SC in hopes that another pickup will materialize and won't get to me until SEPTEMBER 13!!! I said "Wait a minute, we were told no more than 8 days for delivery." He says that doesn't include holidays and weekends.

I am spitting quarters. I'm sure my husband, when he was serving our country on a submarine would have LOVED to say "Gotta go home, it's a holiday/weekend." Yeah. I am not an unreasonable person, I agree a company needs to do things efficiently. However, when they quoted the Navy for my move, they didn't PLAN on doubling up by picking someone else up. So now, my family, with young children, is stuck living on the bare necessities for over a week for corporate greed. And if I thought a penny of that money would be used to keep jobs, I'd be a little more understanding. But it probably won't. And I will never, ever use SUDDATH VAN LINES again.

So that said... on with the good news. I have finished the pen edits of CANCELLED and rechapterization. There are now 18 chapters, and 7 of them have the edits in the computer! Despite my move drama (and it was EXPENSIVE drama) I will make my release date of 9/22!

Can't hold a military wife down! You can try, but it won't be for very long!

"CANCELLED" arriving SEPTEMBER 22, 2011A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby.

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