Friday, September 16, 2011

Ideas For October: Need Participants

We've all heard about the Amazon Sunshine sales, right? Amazon worked with the Big 6 and collectively, prices went down, and their sales went up.

I have two ideas on how we indies can make October OUR sunshine sale. The first is very straightforward, not nearly as fun... Trick or Treat Books. We all work together to make a list of the writer blogs in the neighborhood that are participating, and on Oct. 31 people can visit the blog to get a coupon for a free book, maybe leave a comment that they were there for fun. We'll all be handing out candy and checking our email/blogs at the same time! We can even make it fun with links so say my reader blog once they leave a comment, they click the link at the bottom and go to the next blog. Make it a circle. We can promote a list of authors the week before on who's participating, but that way readers just click a link "On to the next house..." and have no idea where it will land them and so on. (okay they can right click and read the source, but it's the spirit of fun). Another idea would just be a 50% coupon if authors don't want to do free.

That's probably the best idea for a first go around.

Another idea but would need to be a month long promotion, maybe best for November (giving thanks) has readers start with any free book they want from the participating authors. Once they rate the book or leave a review somewhere, even a bleh one, they contact the author's blog and get a special coupon for a free ebook of the next author. This would probably work best on a smaller scale. It'd be giving thanks back and forth, free books from the authors thanking the reader for rating the book and thanks from the reader for getting the book for free.

I know I am but one small little writer with a blog, but I have mighty friends who are book reviewers and other authors that kick butt. If we all work together, we can get this done, and make October or November, or both, OUR month to make the sales go through the roof!

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  1. Good ideas, Elizabeth, that can definitely work with a bit of organization. The second one you could probably do over 4-6 weeks.