Saturday, January 28, 2012

#ROW80 Excited to Write Again

First off, I took the plunge. CANCELLED is temporarily exclusive to Amazon as part of the KDP Select Program. I am going FREE 2/10 and 2/11, just in time for a great romantic weekend read, love from HIS point of view.

I will go free again April 1, 2012. That's when Kindle will get STONE. But wait, isn't STONE coming out in March? Yep. Only on Nook. That's right. I love BOTH of my children, lol.

I will definitely need help getting the word out from my friends when I go free. And if anyone else is going free before then, let me know. I will gladly Tweet my heart out.

I have handwritten all 150 notes and scanned them into the computer. At the time I am writing this last night, I am up 90 of them cropped to the correct size. Today I will make all of the ebooks and send them out. Monkey off my back. But I AM loving the reader response.

I am not quite on time word count wise. But I have a kick-ass outline that is 5 pages and scribbled on in every nook and cranny. :) Besides, I finished Chapter 1 and got it off to a few Omega Reader eyes. Good news is the flavor is there, they want to read more. Only 10 more Chapters to write and STONE is done. Yes, it's 11 Chapters long. I really like this novella format. Cancelled is often described as "packing a punch" and a "quick enjoyable read." Well, STONE packs a 12 gauge.

My story question is: Can Melanie Stone let her mother back into her life and kick out the creep trying to worm his way in?

One liner: A single mom with a Joan Jett attitude kicks a creep out of her life. With a shotgun.
AND a teaser:
There's NO TRESPASSING in Melanie Stone's life.

Long description:

A single mom for her son's entire seven years of life, Melanie Stone has done just fine on her own, thank you very much. But her recently retired mother has other plans, friends know what's best for her career, and a first date in years turns out to be a complete psycho! Melanie's carefully crafted life is slipping through her fingers and she's ready for people to start listening. Even if takes pulling a 12-gauge shotgun for her to be heard, there's NO TRESPASSING in Melanie Stone's life.

Can Melanie Stone let her mother back into her life and kick out the creep who has wormed his way in? Find out in STONE.

And this is probably my favorite part of the story... my dedication. You see STONE touches on the way abusive relationships develop, inch by controlling inch.


Physical and emotional abuse is a very serious issue and today's modern relationships are not immune. Abusive situations don't usually occur all at once, it's a gradual slide into completely unacceptable behavior. By keeping everyone aware of the warning signs, we can help stop the vicious cycles from ripping apart more families.

STONE is for every man and woman who has said, “No. I will not be treated this way.” I am astounded by your courage, and thankful you defied the statistics. And for the abusers who get help to break the cycle before it comes to charges, I am proud of you, too.

Finally, to the two people in my life that protected themselves when they had to, you are my heroines. I love you both very, very much.

Stay tuned for Wednesday as I hope to have a complete signup for my ebook cruise in March. It's a special event blog site I'm creating where authors are going to highlight their books' settings as a "virtual cruise" for readers. There will be interactive activities and best of all, partnerships with some great reader blogs.  

A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby. CANCELLED is available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble 

WIP: STONE. Can Melanie Stone let her mother back into her life and kick out the creep trying to worm his way in? March 2012. Don't Forget My #ROW80 Friends!!! Please Pay Them a Visit and Leave Some Comment Love.


  1. It's an exciting feeling to be writing something new again. I'm going to be writing a new novel in a few weeks (doing some fun research for now) and I haven't felt this euphoric about writing in quite some time.

    Look forward to reading Stone when it first comes out...on Kindle :P And of course, I'd be more than happy to help get the word out when Stone comes out and when Cancelled is free.

  2. Thank you, Andrew! Yes, I took a few weeks to research/outline STONE. Now I have one kick ass outline. I'm hoping to write another chapter or two today.

  3. Hi, here for the ROWer update. :)

    All action for you I see - marvellous. Well done! My ROWer update is but also....

    I'd love to help with promo for this. Email me and I'll send you the Writers Interview questions, send it back with mini bio and sell links/excerpt/blurb/pic etc and choose you best date. I do this on my other blog - wordsinsync - not my author blog. The link to the blog and contact info is at the link. :D X

  4. Shah, you made my morning!!! You rock!

    I will absolutely email you. And your blog is amazing! Thank you so much. :)

  5. great job on your progress even if you aren't quite where you wanted to be word count wise. I couldn't believe the difference an outline made for me. And here I was, think I was a pantser. Apparently not. :)

    Can't wait to read your next story. :D

  6. Even with an outline, you are still free to pants it! My outline is always living, breathing. Once I get into the thick of writing, it's okay if something a character does forces the outline to change. I think outlines scare so many authors because it makes them feel boxed in. Not for me. Having an outline is great because I have a plan of attack for that blank page. I love how an outline help me see how far I've come and how far I have to go. It makes the process of writing a novel or novella less daunting. :)

  7. It's so great to be excited about your writing, isn't it? Congratulations on all the progress!

  8. It looks like things are moving right along for you. Congratulations on Enjoying your Writing! I am enjoying participating in Row80.

    May you have much success.