Friday, November 4, 2011

#NaNoWriMo It HAS to Be Said

GO FOR IT!!!!!

Yep. I've read far too many posts by self-published authors, indie authors, and traditional authors all moaning and complaining that not just anybody can write a book.

Please. ::eye roll::

Yes, yes they can. And I say, go and do it! I've done it. I know it's not easy. If you have a story in you, write it out! If you want to have fun with NaNoWriMo, do that too! You will not, and cannot, destroy the world with your writing. Trust me.

I have restrained myself from commenting on these puffed up, pathetic excuses for cyber bullying. Everything from "you might be great at grammar but that doesn't make you a writer" to "there is an art to writing that cannot be expressed by most amateurs and takes years to craft..." and most of it is baloney. Why?

It's a grossly inaccurate comparison to start invoking art (like the painted, sculpted, or even musical varieties) with artistic productions that utilize our everyday skills. We've all been writing since we were 4. Acting? Every time we tell a lie (so more often for some). But painting? I gave up any practice at painting in elementary school and have rarely needed to send an email in watercolor to my boss. Okay, never. Never sent a musical composition as a proposal either (and I took piano for 8 years, thank you).

I want to scream on so many of these posts how downright RUDE they are being to the thousands of hopeful authors taking time out of their busy lives to give writing a shot. Maybe they DO only write for a month and never get anywhere near 50,000 words. But guess what? That person (and it would appear to be the majority of Nanowrimo participants who don't win) has a new appreciation for the work YOU did to pen that 90,000 word tome you're selling for $2.99 on Amazon. Oh, and they probably also read.

So if you're going to get on your blog, bad mouth the Nanowrimo participants and complain about the junk being published on Amazon come December, I suggest you take a VERY hard look in the mirror. Because you're right about one thing. Writing is artistic. And it's subjective. So please, get over yourself about how great you are because you've "published" and now want to look down your nose at the new crop of aspiring writers coming.

And once you pull your head out of you know where, I'll be waiting for you over here in the cheering section. And I'll even give you a noise maker. :)

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  1. I love both sides of the NaNoWriMo argument - it certainly seems to inflame passions across the blogosphere.

    While my own personal jury is still out on the whole exercise, it's enlightening to explore the arguments.

    Great post!

  2. Thanks, Dean! :) I am a twice failed NaNoWriMo writer. I take about 4 months to write a book...yet I still signed up this year (0 words so far) just to see what I could accomplish. To me, NaNo is a great PR opportunity to remind the world about the printed word and reinvigorate readers into recognizing how difficult it really is to start a writing project and see it through to the end.