Tuesday, July 5, 2011

ROW 80: Day 1, Cancelled's Backcopy

I'm not going to lie, there is a snafu with my travel documents. My draft is not 100% finished, but it's at 90%, so I'm happy. I had to rework the ending a bit, really. It's not MY fault the robot tried to eat the intern. But it happened. And I had to deal with that. :) So, the good news is we're on version 1.5, but it should be done by Friday so I can get it printed.

Now, I PURPOSELY arranged my first two weeks on Round of Words in 80 Days so there is 0 impact if there was a problem with my travel documents (first draft being finished). The first stop is getting the back copy to my cover artist for the paper cover version.

Here's what I have so far:

To robotics engineer Johnathan Michaels, life is a series of problems needing solutions. When a one-night stand announces she is pregnant with his child, it's perfectly logical to keep quiet until the data is confirmed. In love with his business partner, Alexis Rodriguez, he doesn't see how a baby changes what they mean to one another, and asks for her hand in marriage.

But people are not robots. Inputs don't always match outputs. As the truth comes out, Johnathan fights to reconcile both women into his life -- one as his future wife; the other as a mother to his child. All while getting his company out of hot water on its first multi-million dollar defense contract. 

Can Johnathan save his relationship with Alexis, stand up as a father, and rescue his company? Or is the scrap heap going to get a little bigger?

About the Author
Elizabeth Ann West is a Jane-of-all-trades, mistress to none. For the last three years, she has made a living selling her non-fiction articles to websites and marketing firms. Before settling into a career of writing, she made magic at Walt Disney World, planned conferences at the National Center for State Courts, and performed as a Quality Technician on titanium castings for Alcoa. Armed with a Bachelor's degree in Political Science of all things, while she and the kids follow her husband around the world in his naval career, writing fiction is her next mountain to conquer. Yo-de-le-he-hoo! 

It still needs some work, but this is how far I have gotten. I don't know that is the picture I will use on the back cover either. It's hard to pick a picture that looks good and shows a little of my personality behind the smile. I will probably leave final selection up to my cover artist, with veto approval. :)

"CANCELLED" arriving SEPTEMBER 2011A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby.



  1. I like your book cover and the pic! The write-up for your novel is interesting as well. Best wishes for ROW80!

    I'm hoping to wait until this evening to update - when I've had more time to achieve goals!

  2. I like the emotionally complex situation you've constructed in Canceled. Good luck with the book.

  3. Thank you both! I appreciate the encouragement so much.