Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Self-Published Author: On Vacation

I am on vacation. It's been very difficult with my laptop in tow to not "work" while I'm on vacation. I don't count writing in this, I have written a small amount each day I've been here. No, the work I'm talking about is building a following, staying present in the online writing community, and all that jazz. THAT has been difficult to stay away from. 

This blog post is technically breaking the rules, but I figured it better to announce where and why I'm gone, than to just be gone for nearly 2 weeks. I will not return home until June 15th, and then I will be recovering from vacation. I don't expect to be back at work until June 20th. 

My first draft is taking a little longer than I anticipated, not a horrible thing. Better to have a goal to work towards and maybe not make it than to have no goal and just work on it willy-nilly. After speaking with a few people in my accountability group, they all agree it is better I push back my publication to September and put out the best book I can than to slap-dash something together just to make an arbitrary deadline. This doesn't mean my personal deadlines aren't important, they absolutely are! However, in reality, this novel is my first fiction project and I made the deadline on a best-educated guess. I wasn't too far off, only about 25% time-wise. In the corporate world, projects run over all the time. 

I will admit I was disappointed, and nervous to even set a new deadline. But, after a few days of letting those feelings work themselves out, I got over it. Some days I worry that I'm not up to snuff to write a novel. Then I have days where I'm ready to charge the literary world! I'm sure every writer goes through this, and I will have many more up and down days before any reader ever gets her hands on CANCELLED.

"CANCELLED" arriving Late Summer 2011A robotics engineer asks his business partner to marry him, but a previous one-night stand is having his baby.

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